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Wrong cooktop installation

Cooktop diagnostics at your house

Cooktop diagnostics at your house
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Cooktop shuts off

Why does the cooktop keen clicking?

Why does the cooktop keen clicking?

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The best cooktop service

Overheating or uneven heating

Overheating or uneven heating
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Common Breakage Of Cooktops

Most often our customers turn to us with the following breakdowns of gas and electric cooktops: 

  • The burner does not light; 
  • There was a strong smell of gas; 
  • The surface does not turn on and does not work. 

Each of these faults can have several causes. Therefore, it is very important not to "guess" the cause, but to find it.

Electric Cooktop Repair

Kitchen equipment sometimes breaks down, like any other equipment. Damage to the electric cooktop is a huge inconvenience, as the cooker is used daily. If your cooking surface has fractured, just contact our service center and our engineers perform electric stove repair of all manufacturers. Cooking surfaces are not only more convenient and functional, but also do not require special care.

Gas Stove Repair

Practice shows that often the gas stove repair is to replace the electronic control unit. It, as a rule, is located under the working surface, therefore it is hidden from unauthorized access. There are various electronic components that are sensitive to static discharges or short circuit. Unfortunately, in most cases, such problems can be eliminated only by a complex replacement of electronic components.

Advantages Of Repairing With Us!

Free Service Call

We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Сontact us for free at any time to get quality repair. We will advise you on technical and price aspects, give details about maintenance and response to any questions.


Quality Repair

Our service center is a modern workshop, only high-precision equipment and new tools are used here. Thanks to our skilled repairmen, their experience and knowledge, we can guarantee the qualitative home appliance repair.


Quick Replacement

If you need to replace any broken part, there is always a wide range of spare parts from the manufacturer in our warehouse. The existence of required components allows us to perform the quickest replacement for any home appliance type.

Advantages Of Repairing With Us!